ACRE is a Preacher Training Bible College for the Church of Christ in Kenya.

Evangelism is how the Gospel is spread. Evangelism takes place by preaching. The goal of ACRE is to effectively train Preachers to preach, with accuracy, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ACRE was created by a collaboration with Benard Lusweti of Chwele, Kenya and Scott Sheridan of the USA.

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ACRE sends qualified teachers to Kenya every 2 to 3 months for a week.

An entire semester of one class will be taught in one week. The tentative schedule is:

    Introduction to Biblical Studies (Scott) Nov. 7-11, 2016
    Genesis (Kevin Ziegler) March 6-10, 2017

    Life of Christ 1 (Tentatively Johnny Pressley)
    Life of Christ 2 (Tentatively Johnny Pressley)
    Acts (Tentatively Terry Peer)
    Ancient History and the Bible (Scott)

ACRE has 100 registered to take these college classes.

The demand is such that we must limit our registrations to 100 students, until we can purchase our own property and build larger accommodations.

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Would you help train Preachers in Kenya?

Become a Faithful 50 member by supporting ACRE with $50 per month.

You will receive an ACRE tee shirt (when they are made) as well as a box of self-addressed envelopes to make your monthly support more convenient.

Your help is needed. 100 students are waiting to learn.

Please become a part of our support team to evangelize this part of the world.

Let Scott know you want to be a member

We train Preachers
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*Scott is the one wearing the orange tie.

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